Geek News on the Radio for April 3rd, 2017

New Mummy Trailer!


G.I. Joe Reboot in the Works; Will Take ‘Millennial Approach’

Already a dominating force in the toy world, Hasbro made a grand entry into the live-action filmmaking realm with Michael Bay’s monster smash Transformers in 2007. While some of Bay’s Transformers sequels have done better than the others box office-wise, they’ve all been big hits – which explains why franchise is chugging along with the pending release of the fifth film in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, this June.

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Nicole Kidman confirms she’ll play Aquaman’s mom, and explains why

The last time we heard about Nicole Kidman and Aquaman was earlier this year when she was just “in talks”. Now, the actress has confirmed it’s a done deal. Kidman, who previously starred in 1995’s Batman Forever, will be making her return to DC Comics in Aquaman as Queen Atlanna, aka Aquaman’s mom. In a new interview, she told Entertainment Weekly why she decided to take the role.

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Ever since Man of Steel, fans and critics alike have opined that WB and DC would do well to emulate the lighter tone of Marvel’s MCU, which has benefited greatly from the influence of directors like Joss Whedon. Although Whedon’s Avengers was technically the sixth MCU film, the argument could be made that his influence was felt well before the film debuted in 2012. Obviously, WB/DC shouldn’t outright copyanything Marvel Studios has done, but they’ve already taken a major step, as Warner Bros is nearing finalization of a deal with Joss Whedon to write, direct, and produce a solo Batgirl movie.

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Beams Up Rainn Wilson As Conman Harry Mudd

“Office space?” Rainn Wilson has boarded CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery as a character known to fans of the original series. The Office alum, who earned three Emmy noms for his role as Dwight Schrute, will play conman and intergalactic criminal Harry Mudd,

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Marvel Exec Claims Forced ‘Diversity,’ Female-Led Comics Responsible for Slump

Marvel Comics has experienced a slump in sales of late, and at least one Marvel executive believes that its the result of catering to social justice warriors instead of comic book fans. David Gabriel, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of sales and marketing told that Marvel has been struggling to sell comics because, while feminists and progressive activists pushed for more diversity in comics, minority and female heroes, Marvel’s core fan base just weren’t interested.

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