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Geek News on the Radio for August 30th, 2018

Alec Baldwin drops out of Jokermovie

Alec Baldwin has dropped out of the Joker movie, EW has confirmed. The surprise move comes just a couple days after Warner Bros. confirmed his casting as Thomas Wayne, the father of Batman/Bruce Wayne. The actor also seemingly dissed the role to USA Today by adding, “I’m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part.” Baldwin also cited “scheduling” issues, yet any such issues are normally resolved before an actor signs on for a role. The film reportedly is re-imagining the Wayne patriarch as a “cheesy and tanned businessman who is more in the mold of a 1980s Donald Trump” instead of how he’s traditionally portrayed as a warm-hearted billionaire philanthropist intent on bettering Gotham City before he’s cruelly gunned down by a mugger in front of his young son. The role of doomed Thomas Wayne is normally a bit thankless, yet it sounded like the film was doing something uniquely interesting with the part. Baldwin also, of course, regularly plays a cartoonish version of Trump on Saturday Night Live.

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Marvel Removes Anti-Mormon Reference from ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Comic

After the discovery of visual references to the anti-Mormon book CES Letter in the most recent issue of the Amazing Spider-Mancomic book, Marvel Entertainment and artist Ryan Ottley have revised the artwork that will appear in subsequent editions of the issue. In issue No. 4, Ottley originally included an image of Spider-Man wearing a patch referencing CES Letter, a book written by ex-Mormon Jeremy Runnells in which he explores what he describes as the “troubling origins, history and practices” of his former faith. Future uses of the artwork, whether in digital release or reprinting, as well as collected editions, will feature revised artwork that removes the reference, as well as Ottley’s other original images and logos.“The art reference in Amazing Spider-Man #4 was included without awareness by Marvel of its meaning,” Marvel told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. “As a policy, Marvel does not permit hidden controversial messages in its artwork. The reference will be removed from all subsequent printings, digital versions and trade paperbacks.”

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The DC Universe digital subscription service, which operates primarily as a streaming and comic book delivery platform, is officially launching on Batman Day – September 15, 2018. Revealed during today’s live stream event of DC Universe Live, the first season of the live-action series Titans will debut on DC Universe on October 12, 2018, but will first premiere at New York Comic Con 2018 on October 3, hosted by Warner Bros. Television. The first season of Titans will consist of 12 episodes, with new episodes released weekly on DC Universe. DC Universe members will be able to watch the first two seasons of Young Justice starting on September 15, and the debut of Young Justice: Outsiders will come in 2019. A new clip of Outsiders featuring Nightwing and Oracle debuted during the live stream, which you can watch below. Comics that will premiere with DC Universe include the first appearances of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Other comics will be available, including Batman: Gothic, The Authority series, Green Arrow: Year One, Shazam, The New Teen Titans, Identity Crisis, The Batman Adventures, Jack Kirby’s New Gods, and more.
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