Geek News on the Radio for February 12th, 2018

Westworld Has a Fake Website Promoting Their New ‘Parks’

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Jurassic World Also Put Out a Fake Website

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A sneak peek at Disney’s streaming service lineup

A new report offers a few more details as to what Disney has in store for its upcoming Netflix rival. The company last August had announced plans to debut its own streaming service in 2019 with content like Star Wars and Marvel movies, Disney studio and Pixar films. This week Deadline offered a sneak peek into the service’s initial slate of content, which will include four to five original movies and five TV shows in its first year, none of which will be R-rated.

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V The Movie Coming With Original Creator

V has had a strange journey since it originally exploaded onto TV screens in the ’80s as a two part miniseries. Chronicling a different sort of alien invasion, the franchise features the alien “Visitors” coming to Earth seemingly with open arms but secretly enslaving it.

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