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Geek News on the Radio for March 29, 2021

Truth, Red White and Black

The new episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows a new character named Isaiah Bradley, to avoid spoilers; to learn more about him read “Truth, Red, White & Black” found online. via Marvel

Comic Con announces In Person Convention

Despite recent announcements that Comic-Con International will be held online in July, they have just announced that they will be holding a Comic-Con Special Edition over Thanksgiving Weekend this year. via Variety

Peacock and WWE

Peacock has gotten full access to WWE content. However; they have also gone through 17,000 hours of WWE footage and has removed all of the racist footage. via The Verge

Zatanna Movie

DC has snagged Emerald Fennell to direct their new movie Zatanna, based on the comic under the same name. via Variety

WB is moving on from Zack Snyder Universe

Warner Brothers is has decided to go in another direction with the DC universe and will not be continuing with the Snyderverse. via Screen Rant

Justin Roiland new show Koala Man

Justin Riland from ‘Rick and Morty’ is creating a new show called Koala Man that will be found on Hulu. via The Hollywood Reporter

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