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Geek News on the Radio for October 13, 2016

New Rogue One Trailer!

From Page To Screen: Is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Bisexual In The 2017 Movie?

There’s a little known fact about Wonder Woman: That she’s as much as a heartthrob for women as she is for men. Diana of Themiscyra’s romantic interest in women has been clear in the comics since the Golden Age, but this aspect of her character is often played down. The fact that Diana is, in our terminology, bisexual, has remained in the realm of fun facts — until last week, when it became newsworthy.

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U.N. Picks Powerful Feminist (Wonder Woman) for Visible Job (Mascot)

The United Nations just rejected seven female candidates vying to lead the global organization. Now, to promote women and girls, it is picking a cartoon character as its mascot: Wonder Woman. Yes, the comic book figure.

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‘Wolverine 3’ Gets a Title and a Poster

Hugh Jackman promised we’d see a big reveal from the next Wolverine movie this week, and this morning he delivered. The actor has just shared the first official poster for the film, which reveals that the official title is… drumroll please… Logan. Check out the Logan poster below, plus a little peek at the script.

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