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Geek News on the Radio for September 10th, 2018

Wedding Proposal Hidden In Spider-Man Becomes World’s Saddest Easter Egg

A Spider-Man fan who asked to have a marriage proposal put into the new Spider-Man video game got his wish, but things didn’t quite work out for him. Back in May 2018, Tyler Schultz sent a tweet to Insomniac Games, the studio behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, with a request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the video game.

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Samuel L. Jackson almost didn’t recognize young Nick Fury in Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel may introduce Brie Larson’s pilot-turned-superhero Carol Danvers, but it’s also an origin story for another character. The March 2019 film marks Samuel L. Jackson’s ninth big-screen appearance as Nick Fury, but with the story set in the mid-‘90s, this younger Nick is different from the espionage expert we’ve met before — so different that there were times Jackson himself didn’t recognize him.

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Hail Salt Inhaler! Sabrina Is Allergic to Her Feline Familiar

Sabrina the Teenage Witch would be incomplete without her familiar, Salem, a human who was turned into a cat against his will. Unfortunately, the bond between witch and kitty may not be very magical in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The lead actress has allergies. Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka chatted with Vulture about how nice it is to be acting alongside people her own age, given her biggest previous job was playing Don Draper’s daughter on Mad Men. However, she did add that there is a bit of drama behind the scenes. During the first month on set, Shipka broke out in hives after picking up one of the five cats that play Salem. This is how the actress found out she’s allergic to cats.

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