Henry Rollins Has A Special Coming to Showtime

Keep Talking, Pal debuts August 10th

I’ve seen Henry Rollins perform spoken word more than I have seen him play music. I did see Rollins Band once at the now open rock-lot in the heart of downtown, DV8, right above where the X96 studios used to be – I can still smell the skunk rising from the also defunct Safari Club.

At one point during the show, Henry asked the crowd to raise their hands if they wanted to leave Utah. I’d say (and this was years ago, so realize my memory might not be the sharpest in recalling this story) about three-quarters of the crowd raised their hands and cheered. Mr. Rollins response was something along the lines of, “Then f@*king leave. There were Jews that survived Auschwitz and you can’t quit Wendy’s.” Needless to say, the air was all but sucked out of the room as Henry and his band dived right into the next song and the crowd quickly questioned their arrogance before commencing with the headbanging.

Whoa!, right? Anyway, Since Sasha Baron Cohen has a show coming out and now this, I guess I’ll have to jump on the Showtime boat. Great…another f@*king subscription. Thanks, Hank.

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