Jimmy Eat World Call Third Eye Blind Singer “Creepy”

Don’t expect Jimmy Eat World to ever…ever,ever…tour with Third Eye Blind ever again. The band’s drummer slammed Third Eye Blind singer Stephen Jenkins, calling him a “creepy douchebag” on Twitter for asking tour personnel to learn the faces of Third Eye Blind members so they don’t have to wear laminates backstage.

Drummer Zach Lind also tweeted “I feel bad for anyone stepping in to defend this dude when you have no idea what you’re defending.” Lind then goes on to blast Jenkins, who, according to Lind, “literally redrafted his band’s recording contract for his own benefit on the eve of the signing and didn’t tell his bandmates until years later!”

Do you think Jenkins should respond to the slam? Who is douchier; Jenkins for his alleged diva behavior or Lind for the slam? Which band would win in a royal rumble-style wrestling match; Jimmy Eat World or Third Eye Blind.

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