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Kings of Leon Chat with Todd Nuke’em

Courtesy of Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon: Embracing Nostalgia and New Beginnings with Todd Nuke’em

If you’re a long-time fan of Kings of Leon, you’re in for a treat. In a recent interview with Todd Nuke’em, members Nathan and Matt took a deep dive into their latest album, Can We Please Have Fun, and reminisced about their journey from their debut to their ninth studio album. Watch the full interview below to catch all the insights and behind-the-scenes stories.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Todd kicks off the conversation with a trip down memory lane, recalling the band’s early days and their iconic track “Molly’s Chambers.” Nathan and Matt share how their new songs, like “Mustang” and “Nothing to Do,” have a vibe reminiscent of their early sound. This connection to their roots is unintentional yet deeply appreciated by their fans.

Diving Into the New Album

The interview offers an exclusive look at the creative process behind their new album. Nathan and Matt discuss the track “Ballerina Radio,” a song with a melancholy, reflective tone influenced by wind chimes from their Tennessee studio. This track, among others, showcases the band’s ability to blend their past with their present, creating a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

From Youthful Beginnings to Seasoned Musicians

One of the most captivating parts of the interview is the band’s reflection on their evolution. They talk about the challenges and joys of growing up in the spotlight and how their relationships have evolved. With a laugh, they mention that having children has shifted their perspectives, making them appreciate their journey even more.

Looking Ahead

As Kings of Leon gear up for their tour, they assure fans that they’ll hit all their favorite spots, even if not on the initial leg. The excitement is palpable as they share plans to tour extensively, promising unforgettable performances.

A Special Mention

In a twist, Nathan mentions that while Kings of Leon might not be playing in Salt Lake City soon, his wife, Jessie Baylin, will be opening for Stevie Nicks. This connection adds a personal touch to the interview, showing how music and family intertwine in their lives. Learn more about the Kings of Leon tour here.

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