McEnroe Wants To Play With The Foos

John McEnroe | Shutterstock

John McEnroe wants to do a song with the Foo Fighters. The tennis legend was recently featured on Eurosport Tennis’ “My Playlist” series. The episode featured McEnroe strumming an acoustic guitar while answering music-related questions.

We found out that McEnroe’s guilty pleasure song is “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. He also said he would like to record with the Foo Fighters. He explained, “I’d love to play [and] record with the Foo Fighters. My friend — God rest his soul — Taylor Hawkins, the drummer, is no longer with us. So, if I ever had a chance to dedicate something to him, that would be incredible.”

McEnroe then played a rendition of the band’s tune “Everlong.”

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