Ministry Has Songs Ready


Ministry is working on more music.

In a new interview, frontman Al Jourgensen said he has already started work on the follow-up to “Moral Hygiene.”

He explained, “We have eight songs recorded right now, and even my engineer went, ‘This is total arena rock, dude.’ And I really feel like after that one, we have one more in us, which would be our 19th album. I don’t think I’m gonna hit 20, but I’m pretty certain we’re gonna have 19 by the time we’re done. So we’ll see. I mean, who knows, man? The world is just in such a state of f*ck*ng flux. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next f*ck*ng week. But this new record, it’s fun stuff.”

Do you have any kind of goal you are currently working toward?

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