Nirvana NEVERMIND released 27 years ago TODAY!

I’ll never forget the day I bought this album..

I bought “Nevermind” the same day I bought the Metallica “Black Album” on cassette tape for $7.00 at a store known as “PHAR.MOR”  Which was where the Media Play (Now FYE) in Taylorsville was built a couple years after.

I’ll spare you the same “This is an amazing album” comments, as we’ve all heard them before.  But I do honestly consider myself lucky to have been a teenage rock fan when this album dropped.  I feel like I got to be a part of something historic, because this seriously only happens a handful of times in the history of the music world.

The other cool thing is I first “Teen Spirit” on my favorite radio station, X96.  My future employer.  A lot of people were introduced to Nirvana thanks to this album, on my station.  Which is why when the station transitioned from CD’s to MP3s for our library, I saved the “Nevermind” album.  How cool is it to think about how many people first heard this band, from THIS very CD?



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