Noel Gallagher Wishes He Didn’t Bail On Final Oasis Show

Noel Gallagher has a few regrets about bailing on the last-ever Oasis show – though not for the reason you think.

Gallagher famously quit the band after a backstage fight with brother Noel Gallagher ahead of a 2009 concert in Paris. But now, Gallagher wishes he had stayed – not because he wanted to play the show, but because he thinks it would have been epic if the brothers had split on stage.

He told the Daily Star “the fight would have carried on to the stage, maybe not the physical fighting but the verbals between us… That would have been the way to go out.”

Do you think Oasis will ever have a proper reunion? Which brother is to blame for the split – Noel or Liam?

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