Prince Dead at 57

Prince was found dead today at his estate in Minnesota. And while Prince was never part of the alternative music scene, he was probably responsible for a lot of the music we enjoy today. Some of my earliest records from my teens were his. I had the single of “Let’s Go Crazy” and even a purple vinyl copy of “Purple Rain.” Eventually, I just bought the entire Purple Rain album. He occupies a huge spot in my music collection, and it is shocking and sad that he passed.

Prince did the impossible by achieving massive success by combining soul, funk, new wave, and guitar rock into his unique blend of pop. Musicians everywhere admired him, and he will go down in history as one of the greats.

prince 1

I always thought he was overlooked as one of the most amazing guitarists in the history of popular music. The man was a musical genius, and his influence is everywhere in all styles of today’s music.

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