RIP Former Slipknot Drummer Jordy Jordison

Former Slipknot drummer Jordy Jordison has died at the age of 46. His family said in a statement that he “died peacefully in his sleep” on Monday.

No cause of death was given. Jordison previously suffered a spinal cord condition called transverse myelitis that left him temporarily unable to use his legs.

Jordison was a founding member of Slipknot but left the band in 2013, seemingly on bad terms. He later accused them of firing him by email, calling it “cowardly”.
He would later play with artists like Rob Zombie and Ministry, as well as his post-Slipknot band Scar the Martyr.

Do you think we’ll ever learn the full truth behind Jordison’s split with Slipknot? Where does he rank among the great metal drummers?

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