Slipknot’s Clown Speaks on How Death of 22-Year-Old Daughter Affected Him

In a new interview, Slipknot’s Clown discusses how his daughter’s death and social media have affected him.

Talking with Mosh Talks, Clown said of his daughter’s death: “As you know, I’ve had a loss in my family, and when you have a loss like that, you can’t imagine the steps backward you take, and the words that come to mind that you have to take notice of and then take stock to.”

Social media has not been too kind on the matter, though. Clown said that he began to receive hate for not posting anything prior to his daughter’s death.

“Because they’re not just posting a picture of my daughter to me, they’re posting a picture of my daughter in jail,” explained Clown.
“That’s not a good picture for someone hurting, someone that is having a bad day, someone obviously that needs love.”

Have you had difficulty dealing with people on social media? Is it good for someone like Clown to address this kind of thing?

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