Some Kids Went INSIDE THE HAUNTED OLD MILL, And Lucky For Us, They Filmed It All.

So just to get this out of the way.  This was TOTALLY illegal, and I in no way condone trespassing..

BUT!  As a lifelong Utah resident, and a kid who went to the “Haunted Old Mill” in the 80’s, I’ve wondered about what is happening INSIDE the spooky old paper mill at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon for YEARS.  This is commonly referred to by many as one of the most haunted places in Utah, and is surrounded by urban legends dating all the way back to the 1800’s.  Everything from caretaker suicides to satanic rituals have been told in spooky fashion.  I have been able to confirm at least 3 deaths on the property, two of which were vagrants who died in a fire in the 1940’s.   Everything past that is yet to be determined.

Now, I’m a law abiding citizen, who also happens to have a fascination with “urban exporation”.  That’s a tricky line to walk considering most places worth exploring are off limits.  The Old Mill is no exception.  This building is DANGEROUS.  It was completely condemned in 2005, and I’m pretty sure based on the video it’s only being kept up by the pigeon shit and spray paint.  So please do not attempt to go in.  It’s dangerous, and also owned by people who are “sick and damned tired” of people breaking in.  They have, and will press charges if you’re caught.


These young and daring explorers went inside The Old Mill last week, and were able to document their adventure.  And against what I would consider “good judgement”, they posted the thing on Youtube for all to see.   Really guys, your names and faces are in this, and since I’m sharing it with the world, you’re most likely gonna get your ass handed to you by your parents.  Sorry about that 🙂

But since I’m also excited about seeing the inside of the building, I will also give you a high-five and a thank you!

Enjoy the evidence


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