For a show set in the 80’s, a mall HAS to be in there, right?

In the 21st century, malls are usually reserved for obnoxious lotion sales people from Iran, half off sales at Hot Topic, which is still there for some reason, and rows and rows of empty store fronts that used to be A Footlocker or JMR.

But in the 80’s?  Dude, I remember spending EVERY Saturday at Valley Fair Mall, or if I could get my parents to drive us, Cottonwood or Fashion Place.  On rare occasion, we would get to the KING of Salt Lake malls, Crossroads Plaza.

So it’s not a shock that the Duffer Brothers, who are known for the love letters to my favorite decade in the form of the Netflix hit show STRANGER THINGS are setting the premise of season three in a mall.  More specifically, the STARCOURT MALL!

Starcourt Mall in reality is the Gwinnett Place Mall in Georgia, and you guessed it, is for the most part empty.  It IS still in operation, and people DO still shop there, but I’m guessing ST3 will bring this mall the most love  it’s seen since Ghostbusters 2 was in theaters.  Some shoppers have actually been able to get some set pics and video while shopping in the part of the mall that is still open.  Crazy!


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