The Offspring and 311 are Covering Each Other’s Songs

A Reggae version of “Self-Esteem” is your spirit animal

The Offspring and 311 are heading out on tour next week, and to celebrate each band recorded a cover of the other band’s most famous song. The Offspring recorded a cover of 311’s “Down” while 311 returned the favor with a reggae-fied cover of The Offspring’s “Self Esteem.” 311 frontman Nick Hexum says he was most impressed by Offspring frontman Dexter Holland’s rapping. A 7″ split single with both covers can be pre-ordered on either band’s website.

The “Never-Ending Summer Tour” featuring Offspring, 311, and Gym Class Heroes launches July 25 and hits Salt Lake at USANA on July 27th. Tickets are on sale at Smith’s Tix.

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