Tom DeLonge On “Where Blink-182 Should Have Gone” With Their Sound

Tom DeLonge may no longer be with blink-182, but had he stuck around, chances are their music would sound like his current band does. In a recent interview, the guitarist reveals, “I said a while ago that the new Angels & Airwaves record would sound a bit like what I envisioned blink would sound like in the future.” DeLonge feels that punk music can be too one-dimensional, “whereas Angels & Airwaves ramps you up, explodes, drops you down, then ramps you back up and then something big at the end. It’s a different architecture altogether.” However, blink did come close, according to DeLonge, who admits, “We did some of that on the Neighborhoods record, like, “Ghost on the Dance Floor” is the way that last blink record started, it’s the first song. I thought that was a good example of where blink should’ve gone.”

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