Tom DeLonge’s UFO Company Is $34 Million In Debt

Damnit. Left out of the lyrics to Blink 182’s classic song is the part about growing up and losing a ton of money. Right now, Tom DeLonge’s UFO hunting company is in some serious debt. Recent filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission uncovered by Ars Technica show that “To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences” is over $34.4 million in the red.

The former Blink 182 guitarist has dedicated much of his post-band time to searching for extraterrestrial life, which he’s even won an award for from Open Minds TV. The SEC report paints a tough picture for DeLonge’s Academy, saying they have reason to believe the “Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

How could this have happened? Just watch all of this:

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