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Music news to fill that hole in your heart that Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” never could.

Noel Gallagher Talks Skills

Noel Gallagher says he’s not as good as everyone thinks he is. In a new interview, the older Gallagher brother said, “I’ve learned, as a songwriter, not to overthink it, not to chase it. I’ve accepted that I’ve got a knack for melody. But I’m not as good as people think I am. I think that’s healthy.”

He went on to explain, “I can write a tune. But there’s people who write better tunes than me and who’ve written better tunes than me. Even though I don’t chase it, I never stopped digging. I mean, there’s always something.”

Green Day Nearly Shelved One Of Their Biggest Hits

Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” is one of the band’s most iconic hits – but it came very close to never being released. Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the acoustic ballad in 1991, years before Green Day hit it big with 1994’s Dookie. But he kept the song in his back pocket because it didn’t fit Green Day’s punk-rock style.

They finally recorded it for 1997’s Nimrod – but Armstrong was still “scared” to release it. Turns out it was the right call – “Good Riddance” was a multi-platinum smash and one of the most iconic songs of the 90s.

Fat Mike On Why NOFX Is Breaking Up

Legendary SoCal punk band NOFX is calling it quits after their next tour – and lead singer Fat Mike says the reason is a simple one: “I don’t enjoy it like I used to”. He told Louder Sound “I don’t need to be onstage hearing people applaud and dance. I don’t need that. Some people are addicted to that.”

Mike says he plans to focus on standup comedy, writing string quartets(!), and his new band, the Codefendants. Not that NOFX is done quite yet – the band’s farewell tour is expected to stretch into 2024. Do you think this is really the end for NOFX? What was the first punk show you ever attended?

David Bowie’s Mother Convinced Him To Work With Bing Crosby

‘Tis the season for one of the most iconic – and unlikely – holiday pairings of all time: David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s “Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth).” But it turns out the duet never would have happened if not for Bowie’s mother. Bowie was invited to take part in Crosby’s A Merrie Olde Christmas special for CBS. But he was afraid the cameo might come off as cheesy and hurt his career.

According to Crosby’s daughter, “David wasn’t going to do the show and his mum said ‘No, you HAVE to work with Bing Crosby! She was a fan.” The unlikely duo ended up turning in a performance that lives on to this day. What songs do you ALWAYS listen to during the holidays?

‘Forgive My Drama’: 311 Bassist Back With The Band

311 bassist P-Nut says he’s back with the band – not that he ever actually left. Back in May, P-Nut announced that he would be “taking a break” after fulfilling his touring obligations, which stretched into the spring of 2023.

But this week, he tweeted “Hiatus avoided: with family, friends and fans reminding me why I do what I do and sitting down with the band and speaking honestly have made me feel much better about moving forward with 311.” He added, “Forgive my drama, I am human, and I’ll be here awhile”. 311 will launch a five-day Caribbean cruise for ‘311 Day’ next March.

The Strokes Releasing Vinyl Box Set Of Early Singles

The Strokes have collected their early singles for a special vinyl box set due out early next year. The Singles – Volume 01 will include ten 7″ singles spanning the band’s first three albums. Each disc will include the original artwork and b-sides.

The Singles – Volume 01 will be out Feb. 24th. In the meantime, all ten singles have been uploaded in HD to the band’s YouTube channel. Are you still collecting vinyl? What about other physical media?

Fender CEO Buys 150-Year-Old Acoustic Guitar For $11,000

A rare 150-year-old acoustic guitar has been auctioned for $11,000. The guitar is a Martin Size 2 Style 34 dating back to the 1870s, recently unearthed by an 85-year-old New Zealand woman. The instrument was bought by Fender CEO for $11,000 – which was actually lower than the asking price of $15K.

The money is going to a good cause – the former owner will use it to help pay for her daughter’s breast cancer treatment. Do you have any old instruments in your house? How old are they?

Bands That Reunited In 2022

Pantera’s much-hyped reunion tour kicks off this weekend in Mexico City – but the legendary heavy metal outfit wasn’t the only big reunion of 2022.
Here are some other artists that got the band back together this year, courtesy of Loudwire:

  • Blink-182 – Tom DeLonge reunited with his old bandmates, inspired by Mark Hoppus’ battle with cancer. They released a new single in October and have a new album coming out next year.
  • Pink Floyd released their first new song in 28 years, the pro-Ukraine anthem “Hey Hey, Rise Up!” – though Roger Waters was not involved.
  • Flyleaf reunited with original singer Lacey Sturm, and will make their live return in 2023.
  • The Mars Volta returned with its first new album in 10 years and a string of reunion shows in 2022.

Other 2022 reunions: Biohazard, Yellowcard, God Forbid, The Gaslight Anthem, Taproot, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

What bands would you like to see reunite in 2023?

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