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10 Cool Covers From Blink-182

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Photo: Jack Bridgland

Blink-182 has a pretty big catalog of original songs, but we can’t forget about the covers the band has done!

Here are 10 songs that Blink-182 has done some pretty cool covers of:

Descendents’ “Hope”

The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry,” “A Letter to Elise,” and “Just Like Heaven”

The Misfits’ “Skulls” and “Hybrid Moments”

The Only Ones’ “Another Girl, Another Planet”

Generation X’s “Dancing With Myself”

Dinosaur Jr.’s “Freak Scene”

Screeching Weasel’s “The Girl Next Door”

Which of these is a favorite cover from Blink-182? Is anything missing from the list? What should the band cover next?

Josh Kiszka Ruptures Eardrum

Greta Van Fleet | Music News

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Greta Van Fleet is postponing shows in Raleigh, Greenville, and Jacksonville.

Vocalist Josh Kiszka issued a statement saying, “To our fans in Raleigh, Greenville, and Jacksonville, it’s with a heavy heart that we must reschedule our shows this upcoming week.”

He went on to explain, “During our last show in Bangor, I ruptured an eardrum and upon further evaluation I have just been advised it needs more time to fully heal than initially anticipated. I’m working closely with my team to ensure I get proper rest in order to finish out the year strong. We are working on rescheduling these shows and will announce the new dates as soon as possible. I’m gutted to have to do this, and I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the love and support you give us every night. It’s devastating me to make this announcement but know it’s imperative in order to keep performing.”

Have you ever ruptured an eardrum? How?

Have you ever ruptured anything else? What?

Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’ is Now the Longest Charting Hot 100 Song of All Time

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The Billboard Hot 100’s “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals is now the only song to spend 91 weeks on the chart in its 64-year history. “Heat Waves” surpasses The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” (in 2019–21), which has held the record since August 2021.

Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley was in awe of the accomplishment of the band and told Billboard, “Wow, all I can say is wow. Many of you know when I wrote this song, I was writing about missing someone I loved very dearly. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would lead to so much love and connection across the globe.”

What is your favorite Glass Animals song?

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