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Green Day Streams Rare Track

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Green Day is streaming a previously unreleased demo of “You Irritate Me” as the first preview to a series of expanded 25th-anniversary editions of their 1997 album, “Nimrod.”

The set will be out on January 27 in 5-CD, 3-LP, and digital sets, and will feature the original album, one disc of previously unreleased “Nimrod” demos, and a live set recorded in Philadelphia.

The 14-track demos disc includes two unreleased Green Day tracks plus an unreleased cover of the classic Elvis Costello song “Allison.”

What song would you like to hear Green Day cover?

Bob Dylan’s Favorite Nirvana Song


Ever wonder what Bob Dylan thought of Nirvana? Turns out he was a fan.

Dylan was particularly fond of “Polly”, an acoustic track from the band’s breakout album Nevermind.

He once said of Kurt Cobain: “That kid has heart.”

What are some similarities between Dylan and Cobain? What are some differences?

Thom Yorke Weighs In On UK PM Resignation

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Everyone’s got an opinion about UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigning – even Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

After Truss announced Thursday she would be stepping down just six weeks into her tenure, Yorke lashed out at the UK government in a tweet.

He wrote “bring down this UK government, they do not speak for us… They have no authority, no mandate, no clue…”

He dismissed the whole government as “cats in a bag tearing themselves to pieces while the country suffers in extreme distress.”

Which rock stars do you think would make good politicians?

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