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Bono Regrets His ‘Bad Hair Day’ At Live Aid


Here’s some information that has no relevance to anyone…even for cocktail party small talk. It only exists so there would be a reason to mention that Bono has a book coming out next month. Read on, if you like, but we warned you.

The original Live Aid was one of the most legendary concerts in rock history – but Bono says he can’t bear to watch.

U2 was one of the bands who performed that day for a global audience of 1.5 billion – but all Bono can think about is his 1985-era mullet.

In his upcoming memoir Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, the singer calls it “excruciating” to watch: “When I am forced to look at footage of U2 playing Live Aid, there is only one thing that I can see. The mullet… all I see is the ultimate bad hair day.”

Surrender” will be out on November 1st.

What is the best look from Bono’s career? What about the worst?

Arctic Monkeys Get Jools Holland Episode


Arctic Monkeys are getting their own special episode on “Later with Jools Holland.”

It’s the first time the show has been devoted entirely to one band in 15 years, but past special episodes have included Oasis, Radiohead and Metallica.

The band released their latest album, “The Car” (the most boring album of the year…by far) on Friday and have also announced a stadium tour for 2023.

What other band deserves a whole special with Jools?

When We Were Young Cancels Saturday Events


Tons of fans are disappointed after part of the inaugural “When We Were Young” music festival was canceled in Vegas.

The event, which featured mid-2000s emo artists like My Chemical Romance and Paramore, canceled the Saturday performances last minute due to high winds.

Reports indicate that some attendees found out about the cancellation as late as 10:30 a.m. when doors were set to open only half an hour later.

Organizers said, “Under advisement of the National Weather Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, we have no other choice than to cancel today’s When We Were Young Festival. The safety of our fans, artists, and staff will always be our top priority.”

Some bands, like We The Kings and The All-American Rejects hosted pop-up shows in Vegas instead.

What was your last major disappointment?

Bono Takes The Blame For iTunes Album Debacle


Bono is taking the blame for one of the biggest miscues of U2’s career.

In his new memoir, Bono apologizes for The Great iTunes Debacle of 2014 – when Apple gave every iTunes user a copy of the new U2 album, only to face a backlash from people who didn’t want it.

Bono writes: “I take full responsibility… not Edge, not Adam, not Larry, not (Apple CEO) Tim Cook.”

This is just another non-news story to bring up Bono’s memoir Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story will be out on November 1st. Thanks!

How did you react to that infamous U2 album? Did it derail U2’s career?

Billy Idol Wrote ‘White Wedding’ In 20 Minutes

Music News | Billy Idol


Sometimes inspiration hits you fast – just ask Billy Idol.

The singer wrote one of his most iconic hits, “White Wedding”, in just 20 minutes.

Idol says he was in the studio with a guitar and drum machine and wrote the title ‘White Wedding’ at the top of a blank page – thinking about his sister who had “recently gone to the altar pregnant.”

20 minutes later, the song was written, and the band recorded it the next day.

What are some songs that seem disturbing when you look closely at the lyrics?

Hayley Williams Reflects On When We Were Young Festival


The inaugural When We Were Young Festival took place over the weekend – well, half of it did – and it led Paramore’s Hayley Williams to reflect on things.

In an open letter posted ahead of the band’s headlining set on Sunday, Williams wrote “I’m celebrating the fact that, as a scene, we’ve come a long way”.
She added “Tonight, for me at least, is about celebrating all the facets of what punk music actually represents. All the things it wasn’t allowed to be when we were young.”

The festival debuted Sunday after Saturday’s events were canceled due to high winds. A third date will take place this Saturday, October 29th.

What are your thoughts on how far the punk scene has come in the last 20 years? Will we see more ‘copycat’ festivals like WWWY?

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