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Lenny Kravitz Details New Liquor


Lenny Kravitz is pushing his new Mexican liquor.

The rocker recently announced that he was partnering with French alcohol maker Pernod Ricard for a new brand of sotol liquor.

The “ultra-premium” product is a collaboration with Mexican distiller Casa Lumbre and will be called Nocheluna Sotol.

Kravitz explained, “There are enough tequilas and gins and vodkas and things, but what intrigued me about this was that no one knows about it. It’s like this best-kept secret and it’s so, so good. And then the people were so wonderful and gracious, and we decided to join forces. I wanted to introduce this on a global level.”

Nocheluna Sotol retails for 80 dollars and is currently available in Texas, California, New York, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and New Mexico.

Find it online at

What’s your favorite celebrity booze?

Perry Farrell’s Injury Cancels Shows


Jane’s Addiction has canceled five shows on their tour with Smashing Pumpkins.

Frontman Perry Farrell suffered an injury after the band’s New York City performance.

He took to Facebook Monday to say, “Friends and lovers, the tour so far has been an absolute blast. Filled with so much joy, and rock vibes. I’ve loved seeing all your faces, hearing you sing with us and feeling the love and energy from each and every one of you.”

After reading fan comments, Farrell offered more details explaining, “After Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, I suffered an injury that resulted in my inability to perform. I have since been in pain and discomfort and have been receiving rigorous physio therapy that has done wonders. I am filled with sadness and frustration to have to announce this, but I have to mend in order to continue the tour and get back on stage.”

The band has canceled shows in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City and Our Lady Peace will be filling in.

Have you ever had a band drop off a bill, and then you saw a better band in its place? Who was it?

Bono Feeling Inspired By AC/DC


Here’s another nonsense story, so Bono can stay in the new cycle and plug his upcoming memoir. Bono says he wants the next U2 album to be a “f**k-off rock‘n’roll album” inspired by AC/DC.

The singer, who is currently promoting his new book, “Surrender: 40 Songs One Story,” made the remark in a new interview saying, “Right now I want to write the most unforgiving, obnoxious, defiant, f**k-off-to-the-pop-charts rock ‘n’ roll song that we’ve ever made.”

He went on to explain, “I spoke to Edge about it this week. He’s going, ‘Is it that call again?’ ‘What call?’ ‘The one about we’re going to write the big f**k-off rock song?’ And I say, ‘Yeah, it’s our job!’ We can make songs famous now, but I don’t think U2 can make them hits.”

What do you think about U2 making an AC/DC-inspired album?

Serj Tankian Open to Recording New System of a Down Album

System of a Down | Music News


Take a deep breath, System of Down fans.

Serj Tankian is open to recording a new album!

Tankian recently told Metal Injection that, while he may not be down for touring, he’s certainly game to do an album.

Tankian said that “it’s always a compliment” to be asked about a new System of a Down record and compared the experience to an architect who builds museums.

“…you’re like, oh yeah, I’m grateful that you like that design,” Tankian said. “That’s rad, you know? And I guess when the opportunity comes up to do a museum again, I’ll do a museum again and that’s exactly what it is.”

When do you think we’ll get another System of a Down album? What are your thoughts on Serj Tankian’s solo projects?

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