X96 X-Tras Weekend | Sets From Your Favorite Artists

It’s an X96 Smorgasbord of Music To Celebrate Freedom

X96 knows that freedoms come in many shapes and sizes. Some freedoms are around for decades and sometimes freedoms go out of fad or are just put out to pasture. Freedom is a funny thing that way. Did you know that according to Attorney Law Magazine you can’t elephant hunt in Utah? There are also such strange prohibitions as Salt Lake City Code §15.08.110, which “prohibits playing or betting in any game of dice, slots, wheels, or other device, for candy (or any other thing representative of value).” So betting the farm and that Abba Zabba that X96 won’t dare to play two and sometimes three-in-a-row sets from one artist during your Independence Day weekend holiday.


Starting Friday, July 1st at noon we’ll kick things off. We will tempt and test freedoms by doing deep into the X96 library to play songs you haven’t heard, let alone thought of in years and maybe decades. It’s not freedom if you can’t flex, so through Monday set your radio (you have one of those, right?) to 96.3 FM or holler at your smart speaker to “Play X96.” Holy heck and gosh darn, you can even download the X96 app or just stream the station by clicking here.

Friday, July 1st through July 4th, we will play 2 and 3-songs sets from your favorite Alternative artists

Red Hot Chili Peppers? Got ’em! Muse? Surly do! Sublime? Is Bob Marley smoking clouds in heaven? Twenty One Pilots? Yes, them as well. And you’ll even hear old-school X96 artists like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure, Kate Bush, Nine Inch Nails, and Primus. Hey kids, do you like Primus? Do you want me to stick nine-inch nails into each one of my eyelids? … No, there probably won’t be a set of Eminem, but we appreciate the verse.


Did you know that “A person operating a bicycle or moped shall keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.” That’s according to Utah Code § 41-6a-1112(2).  Okay, one more and once again, from Attorney Law Magazine,  Provo City Ordinance 9.14.100, entitled “Throwing Missiles,” says, “Every person who shall willfully or carelessly within the limits of this City throw any stone, stick, snowball or other missile whereby any person shall be hit, or any window broken or other property injured or destroyed or in such manner as to render travel upon the public streets and places of the City dangerous, or in such a manner as to frighten or annoy any traveler, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”


Don’t be oppressed. Listen to the X96 X-Ttas Weekend this 4th of July weekend before they take that away from us, too.

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