Celebrity News July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go: After Robberies … Players Urged to Use Buddy System

Pokemon Go creators want players to catch ’em all, but to avoid getting jacked while you’re doing it … they’re warning you not to play on your own. Alleged robbers in Missouri used the GPS location features on the game to lure in unsuspecting gamers — then pulled guns on them, according to cops. Four suspects were arrested. The Pokemon Company International and Niantic, Inc tells TMZ it’s aware of the incidents while playing the game, and encourage all people playing to “be aware of their surroundings and to play with friends when going to new or unfamiliar places.” For the uninitiated … Pokemon Go is a mobile app that uses GPS location to encourage players to walk around their immediate surroundings and collect digital creatures. BTW, in just a few days … Pokemon Go has added over $7 billion in market value to Nintendo.

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Calvin Harris & Nicole Scherzinger: We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going

Calvin Harris’ rebound game is strong … wrangling a doll like Nicole Scherzinger … or so it appears. The superstar DJ and former Pussycat Doll partied together over the weekend at Tape nightclub in London. Our Calvin sources tell TMZ he bumped into her there and later offered to give Nicole and her girls a ride home (smooth!) … which they accepted. So much for Calvin declaring he’s done dating celebrities.

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Lil Wayne Hit and Hospitalized with Another Seizure

Lil Wayne’s epilepsy continues to dog him … we’ve learned he was hospitalized last week after suffering a severe seizure. Wayne has been unable to get his recent seizures under control. You’ll recall just last month his plane made 2 emergency landings after he had a series of seizures on the aircraft. The seizure last week was bad enough that he had to cancel his performance at TAO nightclub in Vegas for a pre-UFC 200 party. Wayne was just moments away from taking the stage when the seizure hit.

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Draymond Green Arrest: Allegedly Slapped Heckler in Bar

Draymond Green was getting the business from a guy outside a bar when he finally had enough and allegedly struck the guy … according to witnesses. TMZ Sports spoke to people who saw Draymond chilling in East Lansing Saturday night, and they say a guy much shorter than the NBA star was repeatedly heckling him. We’re told Draymond got fed up and allegedly slapped the guy, but unfortunately for him … a police officer was nearby and saw the whole thing. We obtained video of cops taking Draymond into custody … walking him to their patrol car. We’re told the heckler appeared to be a Michigan State student-athlete, which is weird since Green was a beloved MSU hoops star.

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‘Man of Steel’ Film Critic Gets Death Threats … LAPD Investigating

A film critic who dared to trash “Man of Steel” got a torrent of death threats, and now the LAPD is on the case. Clarke Wolfe, an actress/film critic, didn’t like the movie. But that didn’t sit well with some hardcore fans, who threatened the hell out of her on social media. Examples:
— “You f****** fake bitch ass whore, no wonder you got fired from AMC. How can you not like Man of Steel?! … That movie is a f****** masterpiece! If I ever see you in Burbank, I will f****** kill you bitch!”
— “They should run a train on you, c***busters. That n***** should have raped and beat you to death.”
— “Hi, I’m Lord Jesus and I have some bad news, you’re going to hell.”
The LAPD got a search warrant, obtained by TMZ, to get Instagram records that will help track down the person or persons who made the threats.

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Slipknot singer Corey Taylor smacked phone from a texting fan’s hands

If you’re going to text at a concert, it’s probably best not to do it front row – at least according to Slipknot. While at a recent show, frontman Corey Taylor smacked a phone from a texting fan’s hands. Fellow concertgoers caught the incident on camera, showing the masked rocker as he bends down mid-song to lob the phone into the venue’s front barrier. Taylor later defended his actions via Twitter. “If you’re gonna text, stay at home,” he wrote Sunday, adding that while he gets the need to stay in touch “you might wanna do it between sets or between songs.”

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Country singer Craig Morgan’s son found dead

The son of country music singer Craig Morgan has been found dead after what authorities described as a weekend boating accident along the Tennessee River basin, authorities told FOX411 Country. Morgan’s publicist told FOX411 Country in a statement Monday night that the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee recovered the body of 19-year-old Jerry Greer in Kentucky Lake in the northwestern part of the state. The search for the recent high school graduate started Sunday after the accident. “The family is grateful for the outpouring of support and requests prayers at this time as they privately mourn this terrible loss,” the statement released by Hunt on behalf of Morgan and his wife, Karen Greer, read.

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‘SNL’ shorts director dies of cancer at age 39

Matt Villines, one half of “Saturday Night Live’s” directing duo Matt & Oz, died of cancer Saturday at the age of 39. “SNL” star Mike O’Brien shared the news Sunday via an Instagram post. “On our left there is my good friend Matt Villines (of ‘directed by Matt & Oz’) lining up a shot for the Snl short, Monster Pals. I’m extremely sad to say he passed away last night,” O’Brien wrote. “He was one of my favorite people. He taught me a ton about filmmaking and even more about being kind even when you’re stressed or frustrated or sick.” Villines joined “SNL” in 2012 with his partner Oz Rodriguez and the pair directed numerous sketches including “Sad Mouse,” “Monster Pals” and “Back Home Ballers.”

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Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh tie the knot

Christian Siriano and his longtime boyfriend Brad Walsh tied the knot at their Danbury, Conn., home on Saturday. The star-studded ceremony was attended by a number of famous faces including Kelly Osbourne, Alicia Silverstone, Christina Hendricks, Jackie Cruz and more. Danielle Brooks, who was recently nominated for a Tony, serenaded guests with a rendition of Rihanna’s “Drunk on Love.” Guests dressed in all white while Siriano, 30, and Walsh, 34, wore black suits. Bridesmaids wore white gowns of every kind from Siriano’s fashion house. At the reception, tables were decorated with white linens, white hydrangeas and white orchids. Ornate little blue glasses dotted the tables for an added splash of color. “It went off without a hitch,” the newlyweds told “We both managed to eat a lot of food, thankfully, as the advice from all our married friends was to make it a point to eat otherwise you never will.”

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