Celebrity News May 19, 2016

CHARLIE SHEEN $40 MILLION MISSING I’m Getting Screwed by ‘Anger’

Charlie Sheen signed a sweet and lucrative deal to make millions upon millions off “Anger Management” … but he’s getting ZILCH out of it, and believes he’s getting the runaround. Sources close to Sheen tell us he hasn’t gotten a single payment yet from his syndication deal for the FX sitcom … even though he owns about 30 percent of the show. Charlie made 100 episodes of ‘Anger’ before production shut down, but the reruns are now being sold in syndication. We’re told Sheen feels like he sees it airing “day and night” all over TV, so he’s pissed he’s not getting paid.

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Sharon Osbourne: ‘I’m the strongest I’ve ever been’

Sharon Osbourne isn’t sitting home sulking over her split from husband Ozzy Osbourne.“I think I’m the strongest I’ve ever been right now, with everything that’s going on in my life,” the 63-year-old shared on Tuesday’s episode of her show, “The Talk.” “I feel it.” Sharon, who threw her spouse of 33 years out of the house following his alleged affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh, also received words of encouragement from co-star Aisha Tyler, 45, who is dealing with a divorce of her own.

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Outrage over Madonna honoring Prince at Billboard Awards

The executive producer of Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards is defending the decision to have Madonna pay homage to Prince, which has been met with some criticism online and sparked a petition. “Listen, I think everybody is entitled to their opinion and everyone can have their own opinion, but I will say that we are honored and could not be more excited for Madonna to be on the show and to pay tribute to someone that was her friend and her peer and her colleague,” Mark Bracco said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.

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For once, Katt Williams benefited from a courtroom no-show — prosecutors have dropped an attempt to revoke his probation and lock him up immediately.  The D.A. in Hall County, GA filed a motion to revoke Katt’s bond in one of his criminal cases — an alleged assault on his bodyguard. The hearing went down Wednesday, but 3 subpoenaed witnesses for the prosecution failed to show up … and as a result the motion was withdrawn.

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Michael Bublé to undergo vocal cord surgery

Michael Bublé isn’t “feeling good” right now. The Canadian crooner, 40, announced Wednesday that he will undergo vocal cord surgery, forcing him to cancel some upcoming performances. Bublé tweeted that he will be unable to sing or speak for a period of time after his surgery, but that his doctors expect a full recovery.

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Chris Brown is hilarious … he finally got to Cannes after getting kicked off a private jet in Miami for hotboxing the plane … but Chris says it was the pilot and not him who was into drugs.

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Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill Members Forming Supergroup: Report

It was recently revealed that Rage Against the Machine had launched a new website,, with a countdown clock leading to June 1. Public Enemy’s Chuck D seemed to hint his involvement via Twitter. (“Prophets of Rage” is the name of a Public Enemy song.) Then, reports surfaced that it wasn’t counting down to a Rage Against the Machine reunion announcement, but would involve live performances.

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Zac Efron used to ‘get up and Google’ himself

Sobriety has changed Zac Efron’s entire life. “What I found is structure,” the 28-year-old former “High School Musical” star revealed in the June issue of Elle. “That led me to a balance of opposites: You get out of life what you put in.” Efron’s struggle to transition from teen heartthrob to adulthood resulted in an addiction to alcohol and drugs, for which he entered rehab in 2013.

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Networks are keeping stale shows well past their prime

With the annual announcement of the new TV shows coming our way this fall, maddening questions linger. We understand why networks want to unload expensive procedurals like “Castle,” after eight seasons of pleasing irrelevance, and we accept their ruling that a clever show like “The Grinder” didn’t cut the ratings mustard. On the plus side, some of our prayers — that NBC would finally cancel “The Mysteries of Laura” — were actually answered.

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