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Geek News on the Radio for June 6th, 2022

Diego Luna’s character from Rogue One is getting his own series

The series will be set before the events of Rogue One, and it’ll focus on his character Cassian Andor. The series will be titled “Andor.”

via Birth. Movies. Death.

Take a peak behind the curtain of VFX lighting in ‘Light and Magic’

On July 27th, a new docuseries will be released on Disney+ that focuses on the VFX lighting in movies.

via Fantha Tracks 

Star Wars is getting a “goonies-like series”

Jon Watts tweeted out that he wanted to make a goonies-like Star Wars story. His series is called Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, and it’s about a small group of Jedi Padawan.

via Movie Web

‘Moon Knight’ becomes one of the most watched Marvel shows

In total, the series earned just under 3.7 billion minutes of watch time.

via The Direct

Christopher Landon is making an ‘Arachnophobia’ remake

The original movie came out in 1990, making it over 30 years old.

via Entertainment Weekly

Don’t worry, Deadpool 3 will be rated ‘R’

Two of the films writers proudly announced that Disney gave the thumbs up for an R rating.

via News Bytes

Say your goodbyes to ‘Raised by Wolves’

The HBO series was unfortunately cancelled after two seasons.

via Deadline

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