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Geek News on the Radio for December 11th, 2023

20 Godzilla Character’s ranked from best to worst

Kerry says it’s a terrible list. The biggest problem is that there are no photo’s.  Read more here!


Grand Theft Auto VI

The trailer for the game has made Tom Petty’s song, “Love Is a Long Road,” jump a remarkable 8,421% increase in streams, after the trailer hit. Read more here!


Marvel Studio’s not doing well after box office bombs

The Marvels has bombed in theatres. It’s the first bomb in 13 years. The are pretending like it never happened. Read more here!


Steve Ditko reached a deal with Marvel over copyrights

The dispute is now settled for Spider-Man, and  Doctor Strange rights. Read more here!


Comixology App Ending

The top standard for digital comic reading, has now been entangled in Amazon’s Kindle reading experience. Read more here!


Ryan Reynolds asking to end backstage photos for Dead Pool 3

Ryan said, “Hold Back Showing Images Before They’re Ready.” Too many leaked photos. Read more here!


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