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Geek News on the Radio for December 18th, 2023

Marvel Studios – Echo Trailer

New series coming on Disney+ January 2024!


John Waters returns to Child’s Play franchise as Wendell Wilkins

John Waters will be making a return to the Chucky universe as the creator of the Good Guy doll. New season of Child’s Play coming in 2024! Read more here!


Foundations 3rd season – new character casted

Alex Siddig is coming to the new season of Foundations as Dr. Ebling Mis! Read more here!


Planet of the Apes new movie – Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes 

An all new Planet of the Apes movie, taking place after Caesar’s reign. Coming May 2024!


DC Jungle League – new comic with all ape team

DC Comics has announced a new comic. Want to guess what it’s about? An all ape crime fighting team! Read more here!


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