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Geek News on the Radio for July 31st, 2023

BREAKING GEEK NEWS!  Loki season 2 trailer


Writers/Actor Strike

Many productions are being pushed back:

  • Spiderman Beyond the Spider-verse
  • Grand terismo
  • Craving the Hunter
  • Venom 3

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Donald Glover and his Brother are to write Lando series for Disney+

Donald Glover will be taking on more by not only acting in the Disney+ Star Wars Series Lando, but also by being on the writing team.

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Beetlejuice 2 Production Shut Down – Statue Prop Stolen

This strange 150 lb prop was stolen from set.

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Best Batman Movie Ever Made – 1993 Batman Mask of the Phantasm – is Being Remastered and Released


DC will make Crisis on Infinite Earth and Watchman

DC is focusing on adapting more comics into animated features, such as Crisis on Infinite Earth and Watchman

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Bad News: Murphy the dragon is not coming back to Disney after fire

Good News: Disney is adding more booze in Disneyland


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