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Geek News on the Radio for May 2nd, 2022

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to Debut May 5th


Jon Watts Won’t Direct Next Fantastic Four

After directing Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jon Watts says he needs a break and will not be directing the next installment of Fantastic Four. Marvel has confirmed his exit and both parties have said the split is amicable.

via Deadline


Moon Knight Ranked Sixth in Streaming Minutes

Neilson recently released results of streaming ranked by minutes watched and Moon Knight came in sixth on the list with 418 million minutes watched- nothing compared to Bridgerton’s 3.2 billion minutes watched.

via Variety


Space Force Canceled After Two Seasons

After their huge loss of subscribers, Netflix is looking at its budget and decided that Space Force is too expensive to produce and has ultimately canceled the show.

via Gizmodo


Batwoman Canceled After Three Seasons

With the CW being put up for sale by WarnerMedia and Paramount, the future of some shows on the network is uncertain. Although, the future of Batwoman is certain with the network announcing the cancelation of the show after three seasons.

via The Direct


Comic Book Artist Neal Adams Dies at 80

The artist of classic characters like Batman, Superman, and The Avengers has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 80, according to his children.

via CNN

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