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Geek News on the Radio for October 17th, 2022

Netflix to Increase Prices Again

Netflix has been quietly raising the prices of its multiple tiers. A standard plan (Full HD content) has risen to $15.49 per month. The premium plan (Ultra HD content) is now $19.99. There’s a basic plan too, priced at $9.99 per month, but that only allows streaming to one device at a time and in standard definition.

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Ryan Reynolds to Produce Disney’s “Sea” (Society of Explorers and Adventures)

Ryan Reynolds is teaming up with Strange World writer and co-director Qui Nguyen to make Disney’s fictional organization, the Society of Explorers and Adventures, into a live-action feature film. The S.E.A.’s fictional history dates back to 1538, and its members include scientists, adventurers, and explorers from around the world.

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DC’s ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ Cast Revealed

In the film, scheduled for release early in 2023, Kara, devastated by the loss of Krypton, struggles to adjust to her new life on Earth. Her cousin, Superman, mentors her and suggests she leave their space-time to attend the Legion Academy.

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