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Geek News on the Radio for September 19th, 2022

Constantine Sequel

Keanu Reeves’ return as John Constantine spells bad news for J.J. Abrams’ planned series for HBO Max, with the streamer now passing on the project. HBO Max’s plans for the series are now dead despite supposedly being engaged in early talks to sign an actor for the title role. Read more about it here!

Batman: The Animated Series is axed from HBO

HBO is really shopping around the caped crusader. It is one of six projects that will no longer premiere on the streaming service. These cancelations are just the latest indication of Warner Bros. Discovery’s move away from animation and family shows. Check out more on these cancellations here!

Andor, the Rogue One prequel

The show is only expected to go for two seasons. If you’re going to watch this, you NEED to watch Star Wars: Rogue One first! There had previously been confusion as to how many seasons the Star Wars prequel series would last, given that the show essentially has a five-year plan around Diego Luna’s Andor. Check out more here!

Rogue Squadron is no longer

There’s no official word on whether Rogue Squadron might ever return, and indeed Disney did not give any reason for its removal, but two other untitled Star Wars movies remain on the studio’s schedule. Check more here!

Prequel for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

Though in development, the project was announced without a clear release date or any casting, which should leave Trek fans appropriately on edge. Supposedly directed by director Nicholas Meyer. Check out more here!


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