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Geek News on the Radio March 17, 2016


Marvel’s Daredevil is coming back, and it’s bringing with it some faces very familiar to comic book fans. In addition to checking back in on the adventures of Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page in Hell’s Kitchen, Season 2 is also introducing (or reintroducing, for some people) the characters of Frank Castle — aka Punisher — and Elektra Natchios. With Daredevil: Season 2 hitting Netflix on March 18th in its entirety, here are nine spoiler-free details from stars Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, Elden Hanson, Deborah Ann Woll and Elodie Young and executive producers Douglas Petrie, Marco Ramirez and Jeph Loeb to prep you for what’s ahead when the series returns.

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‘Preacher’ Review Round-Up: Does AMC Do Right By Garth Ennis’ Beloved Graphic Novel?

One of this year’s most anticipated screenings at the SXSW Film Festival wasn’t for a film at all, but for a show. AMC brought the very first episode of its long-developing Preacher adaptation to the event, much to the anxious anticipation of the source material’s many fans. Based on the graphic novel by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher follows, well, a preacher, who finds himself in possession of a very unusual power. He sets out on a quest to confront God, and along the way joins up with a former flame, Tulip (Ruth Negga), and an Irish vampire, Cassyidy (Joseph Gilgun). And by all accounts, the story is even stranger than that description makes it sound.

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The Walking Dead Attraction is Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood has announced the addition of a brand new, state of the art, horror walkthrough based on AMC’s popular series, “The Walking Dead”.  The attraction brings the most popular show in cable television history to life in Summer 2016, when AMC’s Golden Globe award-nominated television series, “The Walking Dead,” sets up permanent residency at Universal Studios in an all-new immersive, cutting-edge attraction.

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A Willy Wonka-Style Chocolate Factory Is Coming to Universal Studios

When you go on vacation to a theme park, there’s no better excuse to indulge in a little junk food. You’re walking all over the place, right? (Right?) Nobody knows this better than Universal Studios in Orlando, which is building a straight-up chocolate factory at its CityWalk section.

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A ‘Venom’ Movie, Minus Spider-Man, Is A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea

Back in 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was supposed to kick off what amounted to an expanded universe franchise surrounding Peter Parker and his amazing friends. While the Marc Webb film itself was a mostly stand-alone and character-driven affair, the advertising was all about how it was going to set up a Sinister Six movie, a young Aunt Mae spy thriller, and/or a bunch of vaguely related Spider-Man films alongside the conventional sequels. But The Amazing Spider-Man 2 “only” made $708.9 million worldwide on a $250m budget, including a shockingly low $202.8m domestic total off a $91.6m weekend, and eventually Sony’s Peter Parker franchise became just one more would-be interconnected universe that was not to be. Until now…?

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Neil Gaiman in talks to adapt Gormenghast for cinema

The crumbling towers of Gormenghast and the evil machinations of Steerpike could be set to head to the big screen after Neil Gaiman revealed he was in talks with studios about a film adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s gothic fantasy novels. Adapted for television by the BBC in 2000 as a miniseries starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the scheming Steerpike, Peake’s series of three novels tracing the life of Titus, 77th Earl of Groan, “heir to a crumbling summit: to a sea of nettles: to an empire of red rust: to rituals’ footprints ankle-deep in stone”, have also been adapted for radio and theatre.

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Why Star Trek Probably Won’t Get A New Show For Awhile

While some fans have been critical about the new Star Trek films, their overall success has helped revitalize the franchise. This led to rumors about Star Trek making a return to television after a decade-long absence. Last month, it was reported that CBS was working on a Star Trek series with X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer, but apparently that isn’t true. In fact, according to actor Jonathan Frakes, it’s unlikely we’ll see Star Trek return to the small screen at all in the coming years.

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‘Batman v Superman’ Has No Time for a ‘Wonder Woman’ Love Story

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the big screen in just a few weeks, it will not only mark the first time that Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) are seen on the big screen together, but it will also mark the debut of the new Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. While we have seen footage of her in the previously-released trailers, there is still much we don’t know about her role in this story. Gal Gadot recently spoke with Glamour, where she revealed that her character does not have a love story in this upcoming adventure.

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