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Geek News on the Radio May 16, 2016

Agent Carter: The Context Of Its Cancellation, And The Petition To Save It

At this point, it is almost tradition. A television network cancels a series, and fans of that series revolt. Back in the day, devotees would organised letter-writing campaigns, and inundate studios and network offices with missives pleading for their favorite show to be renewed. In this modern era, with the rise of social media, the reaction time is greatly reduced. Now, Twitter fills with bitter tears, and digital petitions are quickly circulated. Such is the case for Agent Carter – recently cancelled by ABC, and now the subject of a popular petition, initiated by ‘Arnau S’ of Spain, asking Netflix to save the show.

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Marvel’s Most Wanted — the Agents of SHIELD spinoff — has been passed on by ABC. Most Wanted, which focused on Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter, was ordered to pilot back in January. ABC’s then-president Paul Lee (who has since left the network) spoke highly of the project at that time, saying the network “love[s] the script.” The network has ultimately decided to pass on the show, The Hollywood Reporter said.

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‘Supergirl’ Leaving CBS And Flying To The CW This Fall

After much speculation as to the fate of CBS’s Supergirl it looks like the show will be flying to you this Fall from The CW network. Fans of the show have been waiting to hear news about whether Supergirl would be renewed by CBS or if it was to be cancelled and cast aside. Viewers of the show on CBS were up to roughly 10.03 million overall in Nielsen’s estimates. With an average viewer age of 56 years old, there was a lot of talk about the potential misplacement of the show on the wrong network.

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Just because the new season of Jessica Jones isn’t hitting this year doesn’t mean that Krysten Ritter isn’t going to be busy in the near future. According to Ritter, she’s slated to film Jessica Jones season 2 almost as soon as she finishes her part in The Defenders miniseries. “They’ll be back-to-back,” said Ritter during an interview with Digital Spy. “I don’t know if they’ll overlap a little bit.”  Ritter noted that she’s already started training to reprise her role, but she declined to state whether she will be making a guest appearance in Luke Cage or Iron Fist beforeThe Defenders miniseries brings them all together with Daredevil as they face a common enemy.

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If you saw the gritty western horror film Bone Tomahawk you were probably struck by just how impressively writer-director S. Craig Zahler blended typical Wild West movie heroes and landscapes with a bloody nightmare when a tribe of cannibals starts hacking up townsfolk. You then might ask what kind of horror franchise Zahler would love to reinvigorate with this kind of unrelenting fervor. Would anyone in the world have guessed he’d be tackling the Puppet Masterseries? I wouldn’t have! But that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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The Walking Dead Gets a Sense of Humor, Will Do Robot Chicken Special

The Walking Dead, one of television’s most (self-)serious dramas, wants us to know it has sense of humor about itself. The AMC series is set to do a half-hour Robot Chicken special, Adult Swim announced Thursday. Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich will team up with The Walking Dead‘sRobert Kirkman and Scott Gimple to create their own take on a bloody zombie apocalypse. While it isn’t an expected collaboration, this is a great chance for the show to poke fun at its recent controversies (Glenn’s fake-out death, the Negan cliff-hanger) in a way that could help earn back the good will of its fans.

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Why Space Jam 2 Is Doomed, According To Space Jam’s Director

For years, Lebron James has been trying to get a sequel to 1996’s Space Jam off the ground. Now, it appears that it’s finally happened, as the project has a screenwriter and Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin in talks to be behind the camera. However, now the director of the first Space Jam is warning that the sequel should be abandoned, because the modern NBA just doesn’t have a deep enough roster to make it work.

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