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Geek News on the Radio September 8, 2016

‘Star Trek’ 50th Anniversary: Cast, Creators, Fans Choose Favorite Episodes

When “Star Trek” premiered 50 years ago today, its reception was colder than the weather outside the Klingon penal colony on Rura Penthe.

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Much More Than A 5-Year Mission: ‘Star Trek’ Turns 50

For Star Trek’s George Takei, it was one of the worst predictions he ever made, and one of the best strokes of luck in his life: Takei, known to fans worldwide as helmsman Hikaru Sulu, originally thought the show would only last one season.

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ panel at Mission New York provides insight on new series which includes a female lead character

The original “Star Trek” series turns 50 years old this week, but fans of the franchise do not have to wait a similar length of time to find a new iteration brought to the screen.

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Fourth ‘Star Trek’ film announced starring Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth

The “Star Trek” franchise hasn’t reached its final frontier. Captain Kirk and his USS Enterprise crew will blast back into theaters for a fourth movie in the rebooted space adventure series, Paramount Pictures announced Monday.

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