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Sean Means Movie Reviews for April 26th, 2024

Opening April 26, 2024

What I saw:

 • “Boy Kills World” • Ultra-violent action thriller • theaters • 2 1/2 stars

When Boy’s family is murdered, a shaman trains Boy to become a killing machine.

Director: Moritz Mohr

Stars: Bill Skarsgard, Famke Janssen, Jessica Rothe


 • “Unsung Hero” • Christian family music drama • theaters • 3 stars

The true story where faith stands against all odds.

Director(s): Richard L. Ramsey, Joel Smallbone

Stars: Daisy Betts, Joel Smallbone, Kirrilee Berger


 • “Challengers” • sexy tennis love triangle • theaters • 3 1/2 stars

Tashi, a former up and coming tennis player gets injured during a match then becomes a coach. Tashi coaches her husband and after he continues a losing streak, he has to face the past.

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Stars: Zendaya, Mike Faist, Josh O’Connor




Next week:

 • The Fall Guy

 • Cuckoo

 • Opus

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