Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for August 16th, 2022

Ready for a blast from the past? Then order a vintage video game magazine to show up in your mailbox!
Native Land Digital lets you see where different Indigenous people lived all around the world
    • Includes Indigenous peoples of South and North America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand
    • Territory claims made on the map aren’t meant to be solid or representative of firm lines
Cult of the Lamb is the latest indie hit everyone should try
    • Take control of a possessed sacrificial lamb serving an unholy deity in order to exact revenge
    • Recruit other cute animals into your demonic cult and do some cooking along the way!
    • Build a village for your followers, then go out on crusades to find more
Ever wanted to dig a hole to China? Well it turns out that’s about 8,200 km.
    • Check out SuperTunnel Simulator, which lets you dig a virtual tunnel through the center of the earth
    • This will eat at least 5 minutes of your day
Yeah I’m talking about trains again and this time it’s abandoned rail lines, so get pumped
    • helps you explore the old abandoned rail lines you never knew you needed to see
    • Click on a state to see all the abandoned rail lines, then click on the lines to see pictures, details, and often history about the track itself
    • I can smell the creosote from here!
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