Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for September 26th, 2022

Ever wanted to have a silent conversation in public, but still terrify people?
  • Then you’re going to love the Mutalk – a Bluetooth mouthpiece that mutes your conversation
  • Looks like a scuba rebreather, functions like a strip of duct tape
  • The Mutalk creates an air pressure pocket that prevents sound from escaping the mouthpiece
  • Muffles speech by anywhere between -20 and -30 decibels
  • Developed by Shiftall, a Panasonic subsidiary trying to replace all the various functions that pillows serve
  • No one will care who you are until you put on the mask


Okay, now for a product you’ll actually want–the XTURISMO hoverbike!


Don’t use Twitter, but people keep sending you Twitter links? Try Nitter.
  • You can view anyone’s account without an account of your own by searching from the homepage
  • Or you can replace “” with “” and it will produce a duplicate Nitter link to the post
  • The site also seems to resemble an older, more user-friendly version of Twitter and doesn’t include ads


Speaking of avoiding invisible Internet walls, use a 12ft ladder to get over paywalls


And now for something completely different, browse hundreds of fake films within films using Nestflix
  • Check out fake listings for over 700 films and TV shows from…films and TV shows
  • Tool Time, McBain’s comedy special from The Simpsons, and all the fake movies from Tropic Thunder
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