15 Costume Fails

Visual cautionary tales

Sure, they can’t all be winners. Sometimes you shoot for the stars and hit the dirt. Other times, something seems really funny, but will really make your just look like an ignorant jerk. Like they say, though, you learn more from failure than succeeding. Happy Halloween.

1. Role Model

Halloween Costume (and parenting) fail! Lol #halloweenfail #costumefail #epicfail #halloweencostume

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2. Not everyone has an inner Cookie Monster

3. Lions will be lions

4. Horrible Homer

5. C- for effort

Yo haciendo mi disfraz!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????? #costumefail #residentevil #nemesis

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6. We don’t all speak geek

7. Felt Man

8. D.I.N. (Do it never)

9. Star…nevermind

10. Slacker

11. Overdone

12. Alex Jones

So, today we’re robots! #badcostume #maker

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13. Not quite pop culture

14. Too soon

15. Your heart won’t go on

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