5 Things you Didn’t Know Were Illegal on a Bike!

First let’s become more aware of Utah law and how it works. First our Utah legislature has defined a “Bicycle” means a wheeled vehicle. So now that we have that figured out a whole bunch of laws now immediately apply to riding a bike.

1. “DUI” Driving under the Influence, how about “RUI” riding under the influence.

The DUI law makes clear that driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both or with specified or unsafe blood alcohol concentration 41-6a-502. So after you have a couple drinks and think it’s a good idea to bike over to the next bar, make. 41-6a-102

2. Signaling is not that hard

Have you ever been pulled over for not signaling? Okay I know not many have but I sure have. Joking aside signaling is even more important as a bicyclist because when you get hit by a driver it’s a crack in your skull and just a crack in their bumper. 41-6a-804

3. These sidewalks are made for walkin’

A person may not operate a bicycle or a vehicle or device propelled by human power on a sidewalk, path, or trail, or across a roadway in a crosswalk, where prohibited by a traffic-control device or ordinance. The fact is just as bike lanes are there to protect bikes from cars, sidewalks are there to protect pedestrians from bikers. It’s totally against the law for a biker to ride on many sidewalks in Utah. 41-6a-1106

Please check out for a map and information about bike specific routes.


You ever noticed your car has white headlights in the front and red tail lights in the back? Turns out it’s not by accident and once again is the law. If you plan on biking 30 minutes before sunset or up to 30 minutes after sunrise? Then you had better strap on some lights. 41-6a-1114.

Now for better perspective for example Sunrise for May 15th is 6:10 am and sunset for 8:39 pm (according to Which means you must have those lights working if you want to bike any time before 6:40am or after 8:09pm.

5. Break Checking

The guy riding your bumper is the worst kind of person. Turns out I feel this same way when riding my bike and I’m apparently not quite fast enough for the guy behind me. Braking without giving plenty of notice is totally against the law. So next time you want to teach them a lesson in your bike or car. Best think twice because you will be paying both bikes damage and a ticket from the cops. 41-6a-804

RIDESLC_SquareThe good news is the state of Utah and most other states love bikers and want to encourage them to go out and ride. Just be safe!

Please check out for a map and information about bike specific routes. Powered by: Heads Up, make Zero Fatalities your goal.

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