90s Kids Rejoice: Reptar Bars Are Back

If you grew up wishing you could munch a Reptar bar like the Rugrats gang, you’re in luck. The dinosaur shaped chocolate bars are coming to FYE stores this holiday season. The entertainment chain has just announced that they will offer the Nickelodeon animated show inspired treat in two forms. The first is a 6-ounce chocolate, filled with nuts and caramel in either holiday packaging or a box with the Rugrats characters playing in the snow. Most importantly, in keeping with the spirit of the cartoon original, eating one will turn your tongue green.

The other is called Reptar On Ice Bar, which is shaped more like a traditional candy bar, but will turn tongues blue.

Seems like a solid look for an adult with a job…that’s what my grandma would say. She’s probably right.

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