A Mountain Goat Fought a Huge Grizzly Bear. Who Won?

Most people would have no problem predicting the winner in a fight between a mountain goat and a grizzly bear. And most people would be wrong — at least in one in case.

A dead grizzly found over Labor Day weekend was killed by a savage goat, a Canadian medical examiner revealed Tuesday. David Laskin, an ecologist with Parks Canada, says while bear-goat scuffles aren’t uncommon, for a fight to end with the goat winning definitely is. “Grizzly bear predation of mountain goats is relatively common,” Laskin says. “However, the mountain goat turned the tables on the bear and was successful in its defense.”

Laskin says deep wounds found on the 154-pound bear’s armpits and neck were consistent with a mountain goat’s sharp horns. “When grizzly bears attack, they tend to focus on the head, the back of the neck and the shoulders of the prey,” he says. “This is usually from above. The defensive response of a mountain goat would be to protect itself using their sharp horns.”

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