America’s Actual Dream Cars

Now I’ve Been Watching Top Gear For Years…

But I really know nothing about cars, so if you ask me what my dream car would be, I would want a hybrid Porche or a new Tesla – maybe a restored Jaguar E-Type simply for its looks. Some might want a Lamborghini, but I have to think most people would want the money to afford one of these cars rather than actually own one. I am not even sure I could get a hyper-car started. I might be able to start a Nissan GTR, but I am not sure I have the chops to drive one like it has been built to be driven. Mostly, my tax bracket would prevent me from even sitting in any of these cars, but that’s another article for another day.

So what cars and trucks do Americans really dream of owning? Well, the folks at Gold Eagle asked and they were answered by a couple thousand people. As it turns out, American tastes are not very exotic or expensive. We are a humble people. Here’s what Gold Eagle found out the top 5 cars American strive to own:

1. Mustang

Hey, in the last 4 years I have had some serious Corvette enthusiasts turn to “the dark side.” That is why the Ford Mustang at number one isn’t a mystery, but getting your hands on a Shelby GT350, that is certainly a mystery.

2. Tesla

Fast, electric, better and free parking downtown. From the affordable, but probably hard to lay ones’ hands on, Model 3 to the very coveted, but unavailable Roadster there’s a lot to love out this future-come-now car. Oh, and that giant screen!

2. Jeep

“Go west, young man!” It would have been much easier in a Jeep. Rugged, good-looking, and a lot cheaper than a Range Rover the Jeep is another American classic – just one that hasn’t shaved in a week.

4. Corvette

You see a Vette and you may think mid-life crisis – cheap and powerful, but the new 2019 Corvette Stingray boasts a 6.2L V8 that puts out 460 horsepower and can get you from zero to 60 in under 4 seconds. That’s not bad at all for a baseline price of $56,000. You’ll just have to learn to love Jimmy Buffet and Tommy Bahama sunglasses. That’s probably a fair trade.

5. Camaro

As Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson often promises, these are a favorite for serial killers and often come with a body in the boot…err, trunk. I really doubt that’s true, but for the price to power ratio, there is a legacy there and good on Chevy for getting two cars onto the list. #America

Gold Eagle breaks it down even father citing the Tesla as the favorite fantasy car of Millenians, Camaros for Generation X, and Corvettes for Baby Boomers. That all makes sense, culturally. But they break down gender, regions, and what their dream car’s attribute would be. It’s worth reading more.


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