An Email Sent to the Wrong Address Prompted a Man to Go to a Stranger’s Bachelor Party

Accidentally messaging the wrong person can cause of slew of problems, but for one man, he took his unintentional invite in stride. William Novak received an email to attend the bachelor party of Angelo Onello. A skiing trip in Vermont was the destination. Problem was, Novak lives in Arizona, and has never met Onello. He responded jokingly he was in, but the group of guys all agreed that he really should come!

Novak and his wife have a 10-month old and recently renovated their house, so the pricey trip seemed out of the question. A Go-Fund-Me assured him within hours his trip would be funded. Novak will be taking a hand-made baby blanket from a neighbor for Angelo and his expecting fiance, as well as other local goods. And, he will be making a beer stop on the way. Other companies have offered other items to make the bachelor trip one to remember.

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