Animal Rights Activists Stole a Homeless Man’s Puppy

This might be the cruelest thing I’ve seen all year

Can you imagine spending your days wandering the streets with no opportunities, no purpose to attach your life to, and a daily dosing of societal disdain? You’ve seen it in our community, no doubt. Perhaps you’re mentally ill or have had some bad luck, which has delivered you into a situation not even your imagination on your cloudiest day could have fathomed. Now, as you try to figure out what’s next (a meal, a beating, an unfavorable interaction with the police, freezing to death), your life gets a bit of purpose because you have an animal to take care of.

Now pretend you’ve been on the streets, trying to care for yourself and your furry buddy who doesn’t know you are homeless – a soul that doesn’t look at you with eyes that say, “get a god damn job you bum!” Instead, your pup’s eyes look at you like you have a best friend who doesn’t care what you do. They just love you, unconditionally when the entire world, when doesn’t pretend you’re invisible, wishes you would just disappear. Having a pet could make you feel like you belong in this world. At least someone wants you around. That’s a big deal when so many parts of your existence are so extremely difficult.

Now imagine some self-righteous dickheads think, who probably think they are doing the right thing, steal the one thing that might keep you going. What could that do to a person?

The good news is, this guy did get his dog back. According to The Dodo, “The puppy was reunited with his owner on Friday after Antony Blanchard, president of the France-based animal welfare group Cause Animale Nord, admitted to the organization’s wrongdoing in the theft of the homeless man’s puppy.” The website also added, “The group was facing possible legal repercussions for its actions, and Blanchard himself was summoned for police questioning.”

Remember, just because you are a do-gooder doesn’t mean you are actually doing good.

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