Another terrible movie that Jon Smith loves… ESCAPE FROM L.A.!

I’m not sure why I dig this movie so much.

It really is very, very bad.  Escape From L.A. hit theaters in 1996.  I was a senior in at Taylorsville High School and had a job across the street at the Carmike 6, so I saw the film for free.  A LOT.  So there’s some nostalgia there, PLUS a shootout in Disneyland at the end (Spoiler alert) always makes for a hit in my world.   Kurt Russel stars as the notorious gunfighter SNAKE PLISKIN!  Who is known for his adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of the year 2013?  A sequel to 1981’s Escape From New York, which was equally terrible, starts with Snake being escorted to the deportation center.   Where he is to be exiled to Los Angeles island!  An island created in a 9.7 earthquake in the year 2000, which is now home to all of those found guilty of immoral acts, and is UN-ESCAPEABLE!

The Presidents daughter does something, or steals something and ends up there somehow..  and Snake has to go bring her back… I guess.  I don’t know.  There’s lots of gunfights and stuff though.  It’s fun!

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